November 6th, 2005 “This is my Life” 7

I like to turn on the cartoon network while I’m working. The only problem is there’s no sound unless I feel like tuning the two TVs to the sides of the desk to the same channel and cranking up the volume on them. But I’m WAY to fucking lazy to do that at the moment, maybe next week.

There’s about 8 or 9 cop cars outside. Apparently there was a hit and run and the guy ditched his car in the parking lot and ran on foot. The cops have been searching for a few hours now. Hopefully they catch that upidity bastard. People really should just take responsibility for their actions. Not saying I wouldn’t be tempted to run if I hit someone, cause you know, the whole being scared shitless, but I wouldn’t. I’m usually the first one to point out when I fuck something up. One because its funny to point out your own mistakes and two it’s easier to get past it if you are the one who says “ohh, I fucked that up”. I feel like this entire paragraph is meaningless bullshit, then again it is 5 in the fuckin morning, so cut a nigga some slack.

I was just informed that the hit and run was between two cars down the street and one of the guys bailed. While searching the car the cops found an ass pile of drugs. So there you are, you have been informed and updated.

So I’ve been drawing more. No where near the amount I want to be drawing. I really should just shut the fuck up and go draw right now. Since I’m at work it will be like I’m getting paid to draw! When in reality there’s not a fucking thing to do for a good hour or two. Well Niggas, I’ll right more then I stop drawing (I give it 10 minutes).

So now I’m at home. I ended up spending a good 2 hours drawing. I also worked an extra hour and 21 minutes today.

Anyway, here is what I drew.

I think I will keep working on this at work. Make it my project for while im on the clock.

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