November 13, 2005 “the dog ate my anus” 2

Tonight’s entry is a dozy. It deals with blacks, whites, Asians, fights, bribery, missing children, sex pedophiles, terrorist threats and the police! OH MY!! And it’s only 4:30am so more could happen before I finish typing this!

To start I would like to say my mother gave me some peanut butter chocolate fudge to take with me to work tonight, and oh boy howdy is it good.

Moving on.

My cousin Kristy, her husband and two kids came over for dinner tonight and my dad went all out making crab cakes, large shrimp, cheese cake, and salad. It even looked fancy. Anyway, after eating I went to bed cause well, I work graveyards. So I lay down, then there’s a knocking at my door. Naturally I just ignore it because I figure it just my cousin saying goodbye and I’m all ready in bed naked. Then I start hearing the security numbers being pressed on my keypad lock and then my cell phone rings. It was my dad and I had an important call in the house. Disheveled I get up and put pants and a shirt on then go in the house to see what this call was about. It was Megan’s mom (the missing girl) apparently they got a tip that she was seen at Bremerton Bowl (where I work) and wanted to know if I could help at all or anything. So I get her cell phone number then I call the bowling alley and talk to Krystal. I tell her that the mom and some other family members are there and that they where seen at the alley the night before around 2am. I ask her to alert security and surveillance and so on then I call Kim (Megan’s mom) back and let her know to go to the front desk and ask for Krystal and she will take info and let all the employees know. Then I go back to sleep.

I get another call back from Kim a few hours later that honestly I don’t remember what was said but I do remember I told her I would come down a little early to keep a look out and make sure everyone knew to keep an eye out for them. So I get here and thankfully Krystal had let everyone know and there are now pictures posted behind the desk and in surveillance and all the security guards know. Apparently it is suspected they are staying in the Madrona Apartments which are close to the alley with a guy in his early 20’s, So more then likely they will be returning here at some point.

That’s all on the update for Megan.

When I clocked on Greg and Justin, the two on duty porters, wanted to leave early to which I said no at first. Then Greg says “what if there’s a $5 tip in your backpack?” to which I promptly replied “if there’s a $5 tip in my back pack I don’t care what you do.” Justin asked if he could give me $5 and go home early, to which I gladly said yes. Honestly I don’t care about them leaving early, it only hurts their paycheck. Because of that, and giving me $5, they each essentially lost $13 tonight. Noobs.

Tonight seemed liked the war of the races. We had a fight almost happen between a black guy and a white guy, for what seemed no real reason. The black dude just kept yelling “1954 nigga! Come on! 1954 nigga!” he said a street name as well, but I don’t remember it. Apparently he was telling this white guy where he lived, as if to have tea and crumpets on a light Sunday night. And the audacity to call a white guy a nigger when he KNOWS that he can’t call him one in return. I guess the white dude could have called the black guy ‘cracka’ but I don’t think that would have had the same effect, it never does. The girlfriend ended up breaking it up, like always. But I was fast on calling security about him because the black dude had a bottle in his hand, and not in the position that you would if you wanted to drink it.

Then shortly after there was this Asian guy just belligerent and saying things in a deep Asian accent and adding the word ‘nigger’ to the end. A classy touch I thought. Well this black guy (different black guy) didn’t like it vary much and they had words. Again the girlfriends split it up and made them all leave. It’s weird because this was a group of our regulars that are always good customers and very nice. But alcohol does strange things to people and brings out their inner asshole.

So *blank* was off at 3am and he goes to leave and on his car he finds a piece of paper with Arabic writing on it and burn holes. I have a scan of it, but I’m not allowed to show anyone. *blank*, being an ex-marine, didn’t take to kindly to this and brought it in and alerted security and surveillance. After a little bit, and making copies of it, he called the Bremerton Police Department and an officer came down, took his information and the piece of paper, then left saying he would put it in to evidence and they would let him know. Now I know that’s probably all he could do, but he could have at least looked at *blanks*’s car to look for a car bomb or something. Though it was funny when the cop saw it he said “Oh, it’s an invitation to mass”.

Now I go get something to drink and start watching The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxythe BBC version. Stay tuned, I’ll be back soon.

Never mind that fucking plan, I can’t hear it at all, the speakers on this laptop are really shitty. FUCK. I guess I’ll go draw instead.

i lied, i didnt draw.

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