November 12th, 2005 “my ass itches, and my ass i really mean foot”

Whoa, there’s an In Touch magazine up here at the desk and I was just looking in it, and besides the ridiculous Angelina/Jennifer phony feud over brad bullshit there’s a picture of Ashley Simpson from her 21st birthday party in Las Vegas. First off since when is she of age? Second, she looks like a man. Third, her nose could break icebergs. And fourth, she looks like a man. Ok not a man per say, but an Emo boy. It’s not attractive. Maybe it’s because she has blonde hair in the picture and I think blonde hair is the most unattractive thing since vomit on most girls.(don’t get me wrong some girls have blonde hair and its so hot my pants melt off, but most who bleach their hair need to die)(I’ll probably catch hell for this if anyone reads it)

As of right now (5:16am) I don’t think I will be posting any artwork with this, since I am way to tired and unmotivated to draw, but we shall see as the morning progresses, I might get a second wind and draw something, STAY TUNED!

time to watch some Jay and Silent Bob do Degrassi

Call me gay, but for some reason I like these episodes of Degrassi.

I just sneezed and farted at the same time. I think I might have came a little too. It was awesome.

Well, I worked on the drawing a little, as of right now I’m not going to scan it cause I didn’t add enough to warrant scanning. But I still have another hour here so who knows what I’ll do.

Any requests on what I should draw next?


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