Nov 22: Not the one you want to read. 1

so the response to my last post was…more then could be expected. Some people where guessing at what I had in store to tell and some just completely ignored the post and sent me a message talking about whatever they felt like talking about. I’ll tell you this…one person who guessed what it was happened to be right! And now to get down to business.
To finish up the Seaside adventure story…we got lost on the way back and ended up driving THE ENTIRE LENGTH of highway 101 from Astoria, Oregon all the way up to Forks, down through Port Angeles and then home. It took six fucking hours. I was going to write up this whole clever thing about it, but fuck it, I have way to much other shit to write about.
Moving right along here folks…I have a lot to talk about and not a lot of time to do it in. So as some of you may or may not know, I spent the last two weeks on the East Coast. I stayed in Ledyard, Connecticut, Boston, Mass., Providence, Rhode Island, Staten Island, New York and then back to Providence, Rhode Island. Let’s do this post city by city!

Ledyard, Connecticut

We arrived here after being on planes and in Airports and driving in from Rhode Island for…well a whole damn day. The plan was to stay at Kaylie’s Great Aunt Ginny’s house the whole time we where back there, but that didn’t quite go as planned. I’ll explain in a moment. It wasn’t that bad there, only that Aunt Ginny and Uncle John wouldn’t let Kaylie and me sleep in the same bed because we are not married. What kind of bullshit is that? We did anyway mind you, but still that’s fucking weak. We slept in the living room on this fold out sofa that gave us back pain and had the kids in the bed with us. It wasn’t so bad, but still it was fucking weal sauce man.

Kaylie, the two kids and I took the van and drove around to New London, Waterford and such. We went to the Waterford mall were I opened up a JC Pennies card and we bought new clothes and shoes to celebrate going into debt for no reason. One of the days Grama took us sight seeing, that was fun and adventurous.

Also for the first week we where there Kodi was sick and threw up almost every night. We took him to the hospital and they told us he had ‘Hand foot and mouth’ and that it would just work its way out. It did, but be threw up so much.

Now comes the fun part of our journey down memory lane for this trip. It was about 10:30pm there and Kaylie and I where hungry. Now Aunt Ginny had told us that if we where hungry to just make ourselves some food and if it was late to just be quite about it and not wake anyone up. So I go in to make some scrumptious Mac and Cheese (Kraft too) when Kenny comes out of his bedroom. Let me take a pause here and explain to you who Kenny is, because that will help make this story all the more worthwhile.

Kenny is Aunt Genny and Uncle John’s son. He is 46 years old, STILL lives at home (that means he never left), works at the post office, is 6’ 7” tall and has probably never been laid. Back to the story.

He comes out of his room to go downstairs to where his computer is and sees me getting a pan out. He looks at me and asks what I was doing, so I tell him. He tells me “no you’re not, put it back” I thought he was kidding to I laugh at him and keep doing what I was doing. He stands there and tells me “put the pan back, you are not making mac and cheese” Again I laugh at him and say whatever. Then I ask him if they have any small pans because I don’t want to use a large one to make a thing of mac and cheese in. he looks at me and says (and I am quoting here) “You are not going to make anything, you see that door right there?” I respond with “well, not really because it’s around the corner so all I see is the garage door and the hallway” (I know, I’m a smart ass, but I still thought he was just fucking around) he goes “No, you see that front door? you make that food you can see yourself out of it!” This is when I got the hint that he was serious. So I asked him “are you serious?” he said “absolutely”. I sat there, looking at him with this “the fuck is wrong with you? You ogre like bastard?” look on my face. I put the pan back in the cupboard, said “whatever man, that’s pretty fucked up” and walked into the living room where Kaylie was.
I immediately started putting my shoes and jacket on to leave, I told Kaylie what happened and she went and told Grama, who was PISSED about this. She ran out to the stairs and yelled down to Kenny “Don’t worry Kenny, we will leave in the morning so we are not in your way!” And well, we left at 7am and never went back. All because this douche didn’t want me to make Mac and Cheese. Some people.

That’s all for right now, I have things to do. Tomorrow we will learn about our fun in BOSTON!


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