No Bakes Ghost in the Shell: The Blues Clues Project 1

So my mother and I made no bake cookies before I came to work and I brought a bag of them in to share with my fellow employees. Jamie in the restaurant turned me down three times before finally accepting one after Pat the cook said “oh you made no bakes? Those are the best!” After tasting one she proclaimed they where awesome and then called me at the front desk to ask if she could have another one. So being the nice guy I am I gave her my last one. They do fucking rule and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking Nazi.

Ghost in the Shell: The Stand Alone Complex is on again and again it is making me wet. The animation is just so awesome. Another show with great animation is The Boondocks, but I find that show racist. Not saying I don’t like it, but while watching it I think to myself, “well, I wouldn’t be surprised if they use the words ‘white devil’ anytime now.” It also wouldn’t surprise me if there where brain washing subliminal messages about the government in the background. Pro or Con, neither would surprise me on that one, it’s a lot like Barney.

I would like to clarify for some of you who have misconceptions about Steve Burns formally of Blues Clues. No he is not a member of The Flaming Lips, no he did not leave to do porn and no he is not dead. Yes he recorded an adult music album with a member of the Flaming Lips and yes he showed up for his interview for Blues Clues with long hair, un-shaven and in ratty clothes with no past experience of working with children and STILL got the part.

It just occurred to me that I started my web comic two years ago this month, and I have yet to reach 200 strips. Ha! I’m such a failure! Go me! I have also been lacking on posting strips, not that I haven’t been doing them, cause I have 4 almost ready to post, it’s just I have been lacking in finishing them. Maybe I will finish one when I get home from work today and post it shortly after this. Yeah, I should do that cause some of the ones after the next one have some really awesome artwork (pardon my flattering my self publicly there, but when it’s true it’s true!)

So I just drew that Evil Monkey for the janitor girl because she gave me a subway sandwich. I don’t have a scan of it cause I drew it here and gave it to her and there’s no scanner here. Hopefully now she will leave me alone now. It’s funny because she is sitting on the floor not 5 feet away from me as I’m writing this, and we are talking to Micky (big goofy creepy security guard) about how he should shave his face. Then I told him not to forget to shave his vagina because no one likes a furry landing pad. Right after that was said T-Dawg came through on their security walkie-talkies asking Jesse (the guy in surveillance) if he was off the phone to which Jesse responded with, “nope, I just got off.” It was mighty funny here.

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