New site…sort of

Ok so I got sick and tired of the /?pid=239047324 bullshit that was the URL structure of this site. I also got tired of how slot it was running.

So what did I do? Get a new server? Well, no. I don’t have the money for that. Instead I rebuilt the site from the ground up. New database, new installation. New everything.

This means ALL comments are lost.

All Blog posts are lost.

All tags are lost.

All news posts with the comics are lost.

Fret you not, I will fix this over the next month. In fact I will probably have most of it fixed tomorrow.

In my test runs here the site seems to be responding a shit pile faster. This may only last for a little while, but I hope it stays after I just re-built every-fucking-thing.

Don’t forget that there is still a contest going on! Get in your drawings to be entered!

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