My wife of 4 years turns one year older today! 3

As good as heart can wish

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Another year has passed, and with it comes the passing of milestones. This year’s milestone for my beautiful wife is her turning 24. Oddly enough 24 is the age I was when I met her. 24 was also my favorite number growing up (if you grew up near Seattle you will understand why) (and if you don’t, it’s because of Ken Griffey, Jr.). Which oddly enough is the inverse of my current favorite number since adult hood, 42 (if you have ever read Douglas Adams you will understand why) (and if not, what’s wrong with you?). 24 was a great year for me and it’s going to be an even better year for my wife!

Why you ask? Well, we have our new daughter Tegan. We have our 3 other amazing children doing amazing things. We have an exciting year planned out where we are getting our of debt, paying off cars and possibly buying a house. So great things are in store for her and Team Horsley 3!

This post is going to be short but sweet. I really just wanted to get something up here to make sure all my readers and anyone who stops by knows how much I love my wife. I love her with all or me.

And now, a Haiku about her:

Kaylie, my wife is
the world to me and so much
more, I love her so.

And now on that rhymes!

Kaylie Marie
oh how I love thee
like a winters sparkle
you make me want to harkle…

ok, enough with the bad retardo poem…here is a real one!

Psalm 34:18 (Clouded Heart)

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singing, shouting, fighting for love
glowing glamour lurks above.
a kiss, a smile, a touch, a hug
a whisper, a nod, a coffee mug.
feelings of stammer and starlight a foot,
everything is moving, nothing stays put.
the whole world is spinning, up and around
emotions and empathy high off the gorund.
today is the day I celebrate my girl
the anniversary of the she was brought into this world.
twenty-four years past, today starts a new
for the rest of my life I swear on us two.
Kodi, Jakob, Tegan and Saidey.
I love you my wife, my beautiful Kaylie.

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines day my love!

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