my new life…. 3

so much has happened since my last update. I will only post the good stuff.

I have a Girlfriend, her name is Jen. I’m so into her that it hurts a little. Everything about her just drives me wild. The things that she does, the way that she is, it’s just so… awesome. It’s hard to put into words without sounding overly and quickly infatuated. All I know is I get this intense and amazing feeling when I’m with her and when I think about her.

Also, her and I are moving in together later this month. Moving fast? A little yes, but everything just feels so right about this, and about her.

I will fill you all in more on this later, but I’ve basically been up for three days spending time with her (well worth it I think) and I have be at work in 6 hours so I should get some sleep.

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3 thoughts on “my new life….

  • oneonthefence

    Good for you, that’s awesome!
    And don’t worry about taking things a bit more quickly than the norm – sometimes, when you know something will work, you just know. When I met my boyfriend back in 2003, he lived in Michigan. Two months after we met, he moved down to Maryand to live with me. We had never lived together, and had only spent about 2 weeks together total – but we knew it would work out. 30 months later, we’re still together, and about to become engaged. So, if it’s fast, but it works for you guys, that’s what counts. As long as you all are happy!!