The Best of y2christ-lite Volume 1 3

i poted this in my other journal, but im gona post a link to it here for the people who dont have the other journal on their friends list(bastards)

its the best of y2christ lite vol 1 and its $2.00, comment here, only 50 availible

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3 thoughts on “The Best of y2christ-lite Volume 1

  • magman

    Guessing This is Me…
    So I was just reading this story that I am supposed to illustrate for this magazine and I’m not sure about it. I’m pretty sure I know what I am going to draw for it, only it’s not really written very well. The idea of it is pretty good, but that’s about where it ends with being good. Stylistically the writer seems to be using words that they do not fully understand the meaning and where they should be placed as well as doesn’t know what complete paragraphs are since everything is broken in to two or three sentence paragraphs at best. I’m not saying I’m a super writer here, but you know I can recognize good and ad writing when I see it and point out what’s wrong with it. I kind of what to ask the editor if I can just re-write it then illustrate it, but I don’ think I will since that is not fair to the original writer. I do need to ask him if I can post the drawings here or not, like I normally post my works in progress.
    You're right, it isn't that great. Here's a deal then – I have that second story for you. I sent you the first as a gimme – but this is the one I really want you to do which came in later. How about I run the 1st story without illustration (not everything can have illustrations 'n all – the best only) and you move right on to the second? Having it re-written would kind of be uh…mean I think and I'd feel bad, true or not. 😉
    And post anything you like.

    • The Revenge Post author

      Re: Guessing This is Me…
      you're right, that was towards you and i was just about to email you about it, hah. re-writing it would be mean hence why i didnt ask you know. but yeah send me the other story and i will get working on that. i could still whip up two or three illustrations for this story if you want, give me a couple days (assuming you dont want them coloured)
      and thanks for letting me post the works in progress here, much appriciated.

      • magman

        Re: Guessing This is Me…
        How about you whip up only one for this story. 🙂 Which one did I send you anyway? I have stories out to Zub also. E-mail me that answer please, don't post the story name publically…
        Just whip up one I can use for a header and I'll go ahead and send you the sci-fi freakfest I told you about…it's…ingenious I think really. And I'll probably do it two part maybe, so this one will need a bunch maybe. I guess wait until you read it to see what inspires you and how much.