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Tonight I sat down with Joe Garcia from For The Reels! If you haven’t checked them out yet, then dammit you should! Everyone knows I’m a HUGE fan and recommend The Brothers Garcia‘s comic to EVERYONE I meet. Their comic brings the funny, brings the movies, but you bring the pop-corn!

<@jhorsley3> I’ll start this off with an easy question
<@jhorsley3> Tell me who you are and where you are from?
<@Joe Garcia> My name is Joe, I co-created For The Reels, and I’m from D-Town aka The 303 aka Denver.
<@jhorsley3> Shall I continue the interview is izzle speak?
<@Joe Garcia> You can… but I suck at it…
<@jhorsley3> DA TREE-OH-TREE MOTHA!!!
<@jhorsley3> well, I’m WAY to white to do izzle speak, so I shall continue in honky, which I hope you are fluent in!
<@Joe Garcia> Semi.
<@jhorsley3> Let’s move on then, shall we?

<@jhorsley3> Tell me why you started your comic and when.
<@jhorsley3> and by your comic, I mean For The Reels.
<@jhorsley3> just to clarify, don’t want you telling me about someone else’s comic!
<@Joe Garcia> My brother Jon and I started For The Reels in December of 2007, mainly as a way to make ourselves laugh. Also, it combined our love of movies and comics.
<@jhorsley3> So you and Jon parody the comics or create new scenes?
<@Joe Garcia> Most of the time we try to pick a memorable scene from whatever movie we’re making a strip on and parody that moment. Sometimes, though, we’ll create our own funny scenario, like with our Star Wars comic and the masturbating Darth Vader gag.
<@jhorsley3> personally I fancy the 300tonight we dine in hell‘ gag you did
<@jhorsley3> that has to be one of my favorites, would make a nice poster!
<@Joe Garcia> Jon will swear he wrote that one, but don’t believe him. That was all ME, BABY!!!
<@jhorsley3> well, you need to claim your credit!

<@jhorsley3> How would you feel if you found someone claiming For The Reels as their own?
I would snap. Probably kill ’em. Or maybe that’s too far. Maybe a simple beating would suffice. Why? What do you know? Have you been stealing our strips?!!
<@jhorsley3> well yeah
<@jhorsley3> I’m stealing yours and everyone elses
<@jhorsley3> I’m printing them in a book called ‘THAT y2cl GUY STOLE EVERYONE’S SHIT AND CLAIMED IT FOR THEIR OWN’
<@Joe Garcia> Ah, well what can you do?
<@Joe Garcia> Well, at least you’re admitting what you’ve done in the title…
<@jhorsley3> the subtitle will be ‘SUCKERS!’
<@jhorsley3> seriously though, what steps would you take if you did find your For The Reels comics on someone else’s website?
<@jhorsley3> without your permission
<@Joe Garcia> Um… contact them, hire a lawyer, sue them for millions I guess.
<@Joe Garcia> Then kill ’em.
<@jhorsley3> really? cause with a last name like Garcia I thought you would invite them over for burritos and tequilla then slip some cyanide into it as you and your family of 300 dance on their dead body.
<@Joe Garcia> Right. Exactly. Is there any other way to take care of somebody?
<@jhorsley3> well, you could start a meaningful relationship with them then sleep with their mother as payback.
<@jhorsley3> That’s what I would do.
<@jhorsley3> BUT I’m getting way off track here

<@jhorsley3> Let’s ask some serious questions that EVERYONE want’s to know the answer to!
<@jhorsley3> What sort of things would you include in a printed collection to get readers to buy since they can still read it for free on your website?
<@Joe Garcia>Well, for our Vol. 1 edition we published in December ’08, we included all-new commentary on each strip, in a sort of back-and-forth style and from a “looking back” perspective. You can read me and Jon argue with each other and come up with alternate names for the Transformers parody. It’s pretty good stuff. Also, we put in an amusing preface. Not that anyone reads those.
<@jhorsley3> Well I feel like a jerk, I wasn’t aware your book was already out! I need to order myself one
<@jhorsley3> Do you have a link to where it can be bought from?
<@Joe Garcia>There’s a link on
<@jhorsley3> awesome, I need to buy that
<@jhorsley3> here’s a FUN question

<@jhorsley3> If you could make one interesting merch item out of For The Reels (cost is not a factor) what would it be?
<@Joe Garcia> That’s a great question because it gave me an idea I know I could totally do. I would love to make DVDs of the comic. Viewers could flip through the individual strips using their remotes and view VIDEO commentary by Jon and me.
<@jhorsley3> that would be pretty awesome
<@jhorsley3> you could even put some music on it in the background if people dont want to hear your two bicker
<@jhorsley3> you know, I have a band…could hook you up…
<@Joe Garcia> Sounds good to me, man!
<@jhorsley3> sweet!
<@jhorsley3> here’s a question you might have some difficulty answering

<@jhorsley3> What is the ultimate message you are trying to convey with For The Reels?
<@Joe Garcia> I don’t think there’s a specific message other than: PLEASE laugh. My ultimate goal though is to make readers automatically think of our jokes whenever they watch a movie we’ve spoofed.
<@Joe Garcia> Make it so the jokes are so memorable it stays with them.
<@jhorsley3> This is something I think you succeed at
<@jhorsley3> I can never watch Toy Story the same
<@Joe Garcia> Heh heh, I watched that today actually.
<@jhorsley3> nice!
<@jhorsley3> great movie!
<@Joe Garcia> Hopefully the joke was up to par!

<@jhorsley3> Sum up in one sentence why people should click the link to For The Reels.
<@Joe Garcia> I think people should click the link to For The Reels because… it will turn your frown upside down. Wait, do I get a do over? Damn that question, I’m no good at selling myself!
<@jhorsley3> Honest answer, I like that. and no, you suck at selling your self
<@jhorsley3> spend some time with a prostitute, they will teach you.

<@jhorsley3> Let’s end this with the question, that I know has already been answered but will leave a good ending.
<@jhorsley3> What is the name of your comic and it’s URL.
<@Joe Garcia> The comic is For The Reels and you can find it at
<@Joe Garcia> Izzle.
<@jhorsley3> fo shizzle.
<@jhorsley3> Well Joe, thank you for the interview.
<@Joe Garcia> No problemo
<@jhorsley3> I have enjoyed our conversation and hope some y2cl readers will take the leap to For The Reels.

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