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Chuck Norris’ Penis is a third degree blackbelt, and an honorable 32nd-degree mason.

As some of you have figured out I have moved my y2cl site over to a wordpress based website with the ComicPress theme (which is rolling out version 2.5 soon)created by Tyler Martin from Mind Faucet (who is also responsible for todays Sheldon Guest Comic Strip) I have to say I should have done this along time ago, it’s sooo nice to be able to pre-post my strips so they auto post on the dates they are supposed to. Just the whole user interface is AWESOME. I’m really excited to see what v2.5 of ComicPress has in store.

Since you are all here reading this, why no pop over to the forum and check out all the features of the site? Leave a comment telling me what you like and don’t like on the site so I can improve it. You know you want to!

Oh, we there are some special extras coming to this site in the near future. There is in the works a ‘video game’ section (and there is a preview link above). What does this mean for you exactly? Well you will just have to wait until it is a little further along before I give out to many details but you can expect great awesome-ness from this.

In strip news, I am a little behind on the creation of the strips…I’ve been putting a lot of time into getting “Y2CL BOOK ONE: Vol.s 1&2 the first 52 1/2 strips” together. I am proud to say it is with it 5 pages of seeing the printer. And don’t worry as SOON as I get it finished it will be up for sale. I expect good sales numbers for this book, it is FULL of a MASS amounts of bonus material. Speaking of which, anyone reading this feel like helping me create promotional material for this?


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