May 15th…w00t w00t

So this is my fourth day at my new job working as a CSR for Would you like to know what I’ve done in these magical 4 days of work? Well, yesterday I answered 5 e-mails! OMFG Sparky! 5!! It almost killed me! Today, well today was a doozy. I had to listed to 6, count them SIX, voice mails and write down who they where from, their phone numbers and what they wanted! How did I ever manage to do this much work? I just kept thinking of the little ones at home and how little Timmy needs a new glass eye, it gets me through the hard work.
Now on a reality note, the reason I’m doing jack and shit all is because my virtual desktop isn’t up yet, so I’m spending my days learning the ropes. I just thought it would be funny if I made it sound all hard.


So far I really like this job, and the people I work with. I just really wish I had more to do, but that will come. What’s neat is I have a work e-mail now, and no you can’t have it. I also have my own desk with which I plan to put pictures of my family up on. I have my own desk phone number as well, but I don’t know what it is, and no you can’t have that either.
What’s really great about this job is I get to wear fancy dancy button up shirts and nice pants to look at professional and shit. Watch out ladies, here comes a sexy married man! (who would never do anything to compromise his marriage at all, nope nope nope!(read that last part like Ducky from The Land Before Time))


Well, I think I will go now, possibly check my eBay, or my email, who knows!


Love peace and butt grease.



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