March 22: craptacular news!!! 2

Last night was interesting to say the least. I ended up walking from my parent’s house down to Kaylie’s grandma’s house. That’s all the way down Seabeck HWY and past Hank’s grocery. In a lucky twist of fate, I managed to get there at the same time Kaylie was about to leave so I got a ride back home. Mind you I was perfectly willing to walk back up, and had planned on it, but the ride was nice.


I do believe it is time to update you all on the hip-hop-happenins’ of my so-called-life (I miss that emo-tastic show). I will do just that very thing….after I put Kodi down for a nap and go drop off some kids at the whirlpool of death and twirlie things of paper.


I don’t feel like going into to much detail about the adoption process with Kodi, but what I will say is that we are getting a lawyer to represent us to make sure the best interests of Kodi are looked after. Take from that what you will.


As you know from reading this wonder-blog of the future, I recently went through epidimitus (spelled wrong, but I don’t care) which is an inflammation of the upper part of the testicles, also known as the epidymus (neat how that name works out there). It was mighty painful and sucked a lot. Well I was having some pain again so I went back to my urologist and now I have prostitis which is an inflammation of the prostate. I keep getting this shit that old men get, fuck. On the plus side one of the cures for this is to ejaculate more. So more sex for me! The down side is no more caffeine, and that sucks!


The rest of this update will be in short one sentence format for each topic.

My computer keeps resetting and it’s annoying.

Kodi is calling my daddy a lot more and that is wonderful.

I made $2,300 on ebay in the past 3 weeks.

I am currently bidding on 14 Disney movies on ebay what I hope I wine.

I finally got all my birthday presents from my wife today.

me=bored of this.


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