Look deep in my eyes…deeper…*pffffft*

Yes, my title insinuates a fart. Deal with it.

Recently I have been re organizing my blog here, cleaning it up and making it more user friendly. Theres over 1,000 posts and a lot of them have links and images in them that over the various moves no longer show. You will be happy to know that up through 2005 is fixed and will show all images and links will work. After that I have them all specked out to fix and will hopefully get to that this weekend. You will also notice some new categories on the site, like Artwork. If you want to see all the Artwork that I have posted over the last 8 years. Reluctant as I was to still post some of the older crappy ones, I left them there for nostalgias stake. There is a TON of artwork in that category that is not in any of the galleries, so have a look.

In doing this I wonder if there are any OLDER blogs of mine out there, cause I started this one (on Live Journal) back in June of 2002. I know I was writing online prior to that. Not to worried about it but if I find them at some point I will add them. I have this dirty habit of being a completionist. I have other blogs that I wrote on myspace back in the day that I have lost, since my old myspace that I opened in 2003 got deleted (by me). Not super worried about that one because what was posted there was usually posted on LJ or later here.

I’ll stop talking about this NO ONE cares about.


Not sure if you noticed this, but Sergeant Blinky updated with a 4th of July special!
Go see it here.

In other Sergeant Blinky news I have completed (or well am one or two comics away from completing) a Sergeant Blinky 10 part storyline for the relaunch in September. I also have images for another 15-20 comics after that, with a story! So it looks like Sergeant Blinky, Inanimate and a Very Good Segue will all be ready for launch time! Not sure about AdHap though…


So I have a little bit of an announcement. y2cl radio is coming back! We are recording a NEW episode this coming Saturday! Which means sometime Next week (probably next Sunday) you will get a brand spanking NEW y2cl radio for your eardrums! It will also include an interview with Arne from Union of Heroes that was recorded in February.

That is all for now, until next time.

take her easy, take her sleazy, take her to the clinic cause bitch got crabs.

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