long await chicken lover sequel 6

ok, i havnt posted in a while, but i thought i should. alot has happened.
i got kicked out of school for not paying, then got back in.
i got published in a comic for a pin up, it comes out in february, its called A Monks Tale, everyone needs to buy a copy. i dont get shit for it, but it would be nice if they decided to give me something since alot of people bought it from here.
i will soon probably be officialy a tracer, i mean inker. more then likly ill get a job doing it, i just have to finish the samples
im penciling, inking, and lettering a 16 page adventure comic for a guy in california
im penciling, inking and lettering a 4 page short story comic for a guy in ohio
im writing a comic for a girl in holland, horror
adapting, penciling, inking, lettering ‘opiate’ from tool, got the first page penciled, and the next 3 layed out
and i am co creating/penciling/inking/letter a comic with a firend kirsten thompson, its a dark horror comic

as you can see ive been quit busy, oh and ive also email about 100 differernt people to whore my self out as an artist. no wonder i quit the band, i dont have time for something that will never be heard, i only have time for stuff that will barely be seen.


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