Last day to enter the 2 contests on y2cl!

Did you forget about the two ongoing contests on y2cl? Well forget no longer! Today is your last day to enter!

First we have the comment contest. All you have to do is comment on a comic and you are ENTERED TO WIN A FREE signed y2classics book! (go here for more info)

Next is THE GREAT CAMEO CONTEST! Where you name as many of the 42 cameos as you can! And thanks to faithful reader Ivan, there are 13 of the cameos listed in the comments of that comic! Hows that for a start? If you can name any other ones besides the 13 Ivan named then You can get into the lead! The top score right now is 16 out of 42! So take a moment and enter the contest! There are GREAT prizes! Books! T-Shirts! Buttons! Artwork! Books I didn’t make! and more!

Spread the word, enter the contest and show some love!

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