Lady Murderface – Yelp employee fired over post about poor pay

Look at that title. That’s like a legit news worthy article title! I could be a professional blogger!

No, I say fuck to much.

Ok, let’s talk about this. First, go here and read this article. I’ll wait. Read her letter here.

Read it? Good.

Now let’s talk about it.

Here is what I think about this. Any job you are working post graduation that you would need a degree to get should pay a living wage. You should be able to comfortably afford daily needs and anything needed to do your job should be provided for you. You should not live in poverty with an education and a job that requires an education. (Side note: Any full time job should be able to sustain a person without being in poverty)

I agree 100% that your job should afford you certain things, like living space, transportation, food, clothes. Things needed to live. This is without a doubt fundamental to society to improve. Why is it that this person with a bachelors degree working for a tech company is making less than I do at a tech company and I only have an associates degree? A couple things. She did choose to take a lower paying job in a position that pays lower than what you are skilled at. Now previous I did say that she got a job needing a degree, I’m not 100% on this. I do know some support jobs require a bachelor’s and some don’t. I have no idea what Yelp requires and I don’t care to look.

So let’s skip ahead, we all know how I feel about the wage gap and income equality. Let’s get to the part that I have a problem with her open letter.

Then, after I had moved and got firmly stuck in this apartment with this debt, I was told I’d have to work in support for an entire year before I would be able to move to a different department.

Really? I’ll look past the part where you use hashtags in an open letter for you fucking CEO and go straight to this. Waiting a year in a position is fucking standard before you move departments. If you move prior to that it’s a miracle. You need to be exceptional and what you are doing and what you want to do to move departments in your first year. Why the fuck would a company want to invest in you in a department they hire you into only to have you say “thanks guys, but fuck you I want to go be in that department” within the first year? I can tell you from experience as a manger at a tech company that the on-boarding cost of a new employee in a support department is often times equal or greater than their first years salary, all things considered. So she says she takes home $733.24 (I assume take home and that’s not her pre-tax and deductions amount) meaning she take home roughly $19,000 a year. Round up to say around $30k pre everything (I understand this is not accurate, but bare with me). To get you in the door, trained, in the system, get your equipment and the general cost of you in the building and working that first year to ramp up is going to be over $30k (again, all things considered).

Tell me again why you think you deserve to move to another department within your first year to re-start your training on a new team?

Look, I’m not going to argue that you deserve a better wage that what you are getting. I’m not going to argue that the commute and not being able to buy food is fucking shitty. I am going to call you on the entitlement of thinking you deserve to move to the job you wanted in the first year. Unless you where top tier best of the best, put in your time and move when it’s allowed by the company. This is coming from someone who feels he is the absolute best at what he does at work and secretly get’s irritated when anyone else gets accolades over him because he feels he is the most amazing ever. I’ve had to learn to understand that the feeling of being entitled to shit you don’t deserve only hurts you. Also, don’t fucking hashtag in a letter to your CEO, I’d fire your ass just for that stupid shit. #dontbefuckingdumb

Work hard. Understand the rules of your company going in. WORK HARD. You will get what you deserve, but above all else just fucking work hard and apply for other jobs when you are eligible.

Oh yeah, Yelp!? Pay some decent salaries. Also, Yelp!?, I did not research on what you actually pay people, cause know you, that takes time and I don’t really give a shit. So if you DO pay decent wages, call me.


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