kill me please 5

so im sick. really sick. i dont think i have EVER been this sick in my ENTIRE life. im not hungry, i cant get warm(i have 3 shirts and a sweatshirt on, as well as 2 pairs of pants, and i was sitting with 2 large blankets over me, still cold.

then my mom forced me to eat dinner, i wasnt hungry, but she didnt listen. i start eating my green beans, and i start craying, i fight the urge to just break down, cause i know if i let it go, i will, but i dont want to do that infront of my family, id rather break down in private.

fuck this man, give me one more medicated peaceful moment, which of course that isnt working, took nyquill last night, and i was up every 15 minutes in pain. then i got up about 10, took some more nyquill, still up every 15 minutes in pain.

my back hurts ssooooooo fucking bad. my whole body aches, and my back is more of an ache, its in pain pain pain. im glad that im ahead on the strips for y2christ, cause im not getting shit done in the next few days, i know that.

im going to go now, i have to piss, and its hard to focus looking at the computer screen

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