kendra 8

ahh, today was nice. i started the day by getting coffee with jenn, shes kool, we had a good talk and listened to monty python sings, always fun. then i wetnt o work, oh yeah.

the real fun started around 5pm when i met up with kendra at the mall. ive known her for 4 or 5 years or something, and today was the second time ive seen her, lol. shes awsome. she lives about 45min away though, but it we had a lot of fun, we saw Scooby Doo, great movie, we went and saw Nick at Circuit City. came back to my place, i showed her some of my fucked up artwork, and we talked awhile. damn that was fun.

she looked really good last time i saw her, but she was looking very nice today. were gonna hang out again soon i hope, that will be fun.

on a completely different note i bought Tool Salival today, i rule

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