kendra 5

i drove out to sumner last night to see kendra, of course i got lost. i made it in a litle over an hour and a half. not bad timing. anyways, we hung out at her place for a while, i met her family, nice people. her little sister is the little rebel, disagreeing with her parents alot, oh well. we went to go see the powerpuff girls movie, but the last showing was at 7:45, and i got there around 8. damnit, we ended up seeing MIB2, witch is really good, and my family and i went and saw it today.

after that we went back to her house, got there at midnight, i hung out there till around 12:30-12:40 talking, watching a video her friend made, just messing around. then i left, cause it was 20 till one, and i couldn’t really stay there, its her parents place. anyways, its always good to see her, i might see her again on saturday, if i can find the money

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