The Case of the Vanishing Pants (Chris Angel Style) 1

Just wanted to post quickly and say that my wonderful ex-girlfriend called and had our Comcast shut off. that means no phone, tv or internet until the third when i got them to come turn it back on. That was so nice of her. I told her i wanted to switch it but she just had them shut it off completely. I guess she said to Barbara “enjoying the cable?” then laughed a few days ago ont he phone. What a sweet girl.

Also Friday night i drove up to Everet to hang out with Michelle. This is a hang out one year in the making. I had a grand ol’ time and look forward to when i can hang out with her again. Her roomates are kickass too.

On last thing before i quit, Thursday we had Nicks going away party. Nick and i split 2 bottles of Jager. At somepoint in the night i lost my pants and they have yet to be found. Now i dont remember taking them off, or being without them at all. Ahh, good times.


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