Comic Con Friday – Family guy and sneak peeks!

So its Friday here in San Diego, and well it’s probably Friday wherever you are adding this at as well. We had a good day at the con today, got some good exclusives as well as saw some unaired Family Guy stuff that will air next seasons. Good stuff, funny, made me laugh.

Tonight I am going to go see Lacey’s (Sean’s girlfriend) band play, probably drink some beers then hopefully smash shit up and get arrested. Ok ok, that’s a lie, we wont get arrested. After that we will be off to see what should be the funniest movie of the summer, and if it isn’t I’m still going to say it is regardless. What movie you might ask? Well that thar movie we be seeing tiss be called tha Clerks II! (talking like a pirate is fun)

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, going to go see Kevin Smith in a panel talk about, well what ever the fuck Kevin Smith wants to talk about. Hes a funny mother fucker. I will also probably see lots of sneak peeks of new movies, like Ghost Rider, Spider-Man 3 and the like. Ill let you all know how they look.

Since its gotten out somehow, yes I have been talking to Ashley again. But she contacted me and its ok, she’s cool. Not sure if anyone even cares or knows who she is that reads this, but she’s an ex from 5 years ago that I was head over heels for and took me along time to move past. Hopefully her and I can be good friends.


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