What a cheating whore, and a bug too.

so to start this lovely post off with i will show you our friend Bob that was visiting our apartment yesterday.

isn’t he sexy?

next, i spet two hours making this for Jennifers return from Ohio.

Though it turns it this was a waste of time because she’s been fucking Chad (her ex) everyday shes been back in Ohio. Oh well, she’s been told not to come back and all her stuff will be mailed to her. She broke the cardinal rule, she cheated. I will not tollerate that shit. She emailed me and tried to tell me that i fucked things up and that i knew about this. just because I had a good idea she was going to fuck Chad, doesnt make it right nor does it excuse it. Whatever, i don’t care. Her and i are over and i wish her the best of luck in her desisions. If she wants to be friends later on, thats fine with me, but i will never take her back (not that she would ever want to come back, just saying). I will write alot more about this later but for now im going to go to sleep since i have to work in the morning and then get ready for San Diego as well as gather up her things to mail to her. Good game.


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