Two jobs, over worked and hate them both.

So i have tomorrow off. AMAZING! Finally a day where i can relax a little.. Oh wait, i dont get to do that because I’m going to be cleaning all day. Oh well, i don’t really mind that much. Tomorrow night i might go out to a bar with this guy steve from work and shoot some pool. I’m actually looking forward to that. Also he said he is going to start having poker nights at his place, I’m so down for that. Me, Jen and Barbara can go and show them how much we suck at poker.

I got a few calls from Jennifer in Ohio today, that made me smile. It’s good to hear from her. She says she is havign fun and a good time so tahts good. I miss her alot and can’t wait for her to get home. The shitty thing is she gets home Tuesday and Wednesday morning i fly out to San Diego, so we only get that night together. Thankfully i managed to get that night off from work to spend with her.

Oh have i mentioned i hate both my jobs? the bowling alley just irritates me because it’s incredibly boring and the presort job irritates me because Lynn hired me for 3-4 hours a few days a week and i’ve been workign 5-6 5 days a week while working 40 hours a week at the alley. I havnt been able to get much sleep in the last week and i hate it. which in turn means working at the bowling alley irritated me even more then ever. I also feel like I’m going to get written up at the alley because i’ve been on my cell phone alot these last few days with people. i’m not really worried about it thought because everything that needs to get done gets done in a timely fasion and i do my job. If i get written up whatever.

I should rephrase that a little, i dont hate both jobs. I think its just that ive been getting such little sleep and i have so much on my mind that i just get irritated easily right now and im focusing it all on the jobs. cause honestly they are not that bad, i jsut wish the time at them wouldnt drag so much.

I think I’m done for right now. I’ve got some things i want to get done.


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