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I know I have mentioned him before, but Jeff Shuetze does a widly funny comic called ‘JefBot‘ with an artstyle that reminds me of The Gorillas. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Jeff off and on for a month or so and am glad to say he is as nice of a guy as you would expect after reading his comic.

I honeslty have NO flippin’ idea how I found his website, but I’ve been reading JefBot for probably 4 months now? That sounds about right. However int he hell I found his comic I am very much pleased that I did.

I am seriously contemplating purchasing this t-shirt based soley on it’s awesomness. There is nothing quite like a random pokeball hitting someone int he head.

All pokemon jokes set aside, take a moment and look over JefBot, it’s worth your time. Way more then this comic is! ZING!

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One thought on “JefBot

  • jefbot

    well, however you found jefbot, i'm glad you did – it's been awesome chattin' with you on the webs. thanks for posting about jefbot on your site. and let us never mention the 'under the sea' incident again.