Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami – A Sign of the Times

I know my title doesn’t really make sense, but it’s what came out when I typed it. Before I write this post, please watch this video. It amazes me to no end.

Within six minutes this camera person (I saw that because I have no idea who shot the video, but would like to know) goes from being on the ground watching the water from about 100 or so feet away, to being on top of the building and watching buildings float by.  This piece of video truly describes the speed that this happened. Hell, I can’t even go to the bathroom in that amount of time. Think of that, in the potty just doing your thing, then all of a sudden you are surrounded by so much water and debris you can’t move.

I don’t get serious on this blog to often, but this post is one to be serious. Don’t worry, I will follow this up with a lyrical breakdown of poker face to get us back on track.

I’m not sure why but this natural disaster seems to be more hard hitting then the other previous ones, including Katrina. Not that all the other Natural Disasters of the last decade where not tragic, but a 9.0 earthquake followed by 33 foot tsunami waves coupled with many more earthquakes that where 6.5 in magnitude or higher over two days seems to be a disaster on a different level.

I wish that I could fly out to Japan and offer aid and help out. I would love to spend a year there helping out in any way I can. Seriously if there was a way I could get out there to help as a volunteer I would, but unfortunately I can not afford to fly over there now could I really afford to be out of work for my family. I’m not even sure how much help Japan will really need anyway. As one reporter pointed out Japan is a wealthy country and they are handling this issue gracefully and handling it well.

Japan Quake Map

Japan Quake Map

This will certainly change Japan for years to come as entire towns where erased from the maps. Just take a look at this list, or even better look at this image first capture from the USGS website that displays a map of all recent Earthquakes in Japan.

Insane huh? That’s what I would officially call a BUTT TON of Earthquakes in Japan. Notice that there is a 6.0 one that happened WHILE I was writing this post.

My heart and thoughts go out to everyone in Japan. Especially that of my good friend Calvin who happens to be over there for work while all of this is going on. He is supposed to be home on Friday, and when he does get home I will be buying him a beer. Mostly so I have an excuse to go out, but also because after something like this, it’s good to know your best friend is still there.

Love, peace and chicken grease.

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