I haven’t seen a big fat anyone 2

Man on the way to work I was thinking of a ton of shit I wanted to write about, but now that I am actually here and have a moment to sit down and type my mind goes almost completely blank. I remember some of it though, so I will start there and move on.

It’s funny how I mentioned in my last post about Robbie and how I didn’t think he even knew who I was and such, to which I found out he does and apparently we have both know who each other is for some time now, just never spoken in person. I say it’s funny because I was at King’s Wok today eating some scrumptious Chinese food and I noticed this girl dressed very nice showing some cleavage that one couldn’t help but notice. It wasn’t slutty or anything, just noticeable. As I was getting myself a plate of delicious fried shrimp I noticed that she sat down across from this Asian guy. I thought to myself that she looks mighty familiar and about 20 minutes later when she left with the unknown Asian guy I realized, “hey, that’s Robbie!” which explains why she looks familiar. Sorry I was checking out your girl Robbie, couldn’t help it she’s pretty. You sure know how to pick ‘em.

On to the next topic, Calvin gave me a call tonight and asked me if I would house sit for him while he was in Maui. Big screen TV, cable, fast internet and cute cuddly animals. How could I say no? So until Saturday the 28th I will be living at Calvin’s place watching the animals, watching cable and d/l mss amounts of porn at super high speeds. Oh golly gee this will be sweet! The only down side is that I will have to clean up after the puppy, but that’s ok how much doodie can one little doggy have? (I’m going to regret saying that I just know it)

So I have figured out one staggeringly dull thing about my life right now, and that is that on the days I work I only average to get three hours of sleep. This makes me feel like not doing a god damned thing ever. Take last night for example, I laid down shortly after I got home at around 10am and planned to sleep until 1pm so I could go get my check. Well in that three hour period I was called by my dad, my mom and Barbara’s sister. So needles to say I got little to no sleep there. Then I went to pick up Barbara since her car is still broken then we went and got our paychecks then to cash them. Gladly she gave $50 for driving her lame ass around which greatly helped me since this paycheck I need to pay car insurance.

After dropping her off around 5pm I went home. Did I go to sleep you ask? Well no it didn’t because I had band practice which lasted until 9pm, let me re-phrase that, it lasted until like 9:30pm because Rick and Jeff kept playing even after I said I was going to lay down. This was rather annoying, but I understand they wanted to get this new song down and that’s ok. What isn’t ok is the phone calls I kept receiving for the next hour and a half. I had to get up at 11 because I needed to go to Calvin’s so he could show me where the dog food and shit was since I’ll basically be living there for the next week. But since in that short hour and a half my sister called, Calvin called twice, my dad called and I think someone else whom I might have told to fuck off. If that was you I’m sorry. Again it’s not like they where all at once, they where spaced out to where I was just about to fall asleep and BAM! The phone rang. Man I am so incredibly tired.

I just had this conversation with a patron.

“hey you seen any black people walk by?”
“uhhmm you’re going to have to be more specific, this is Bremerton”
“a big fat one”
“I haven’t seen a big fat anyone”


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