Jamais explaisn his Sex Percussions

Last night Jamais Jochim decided to take a seat inside my little interview room on the interwebs and take a stab t answering my questions. Some of the questions where varied a little and extended for this interview as this was the first with a creator/comic that I was not super familur with at the time of the interview. Since the interview I am happy to say I have read the bulk of the archive and love the pulp feel of it. And no, it’s not a porn comic!

<jhorsley3> What is the name of your comic and it’s URL.
<Jamais> Sex Percussions – http://sexpercussions.com
<jhorsley3> and what do you do on the comic?
<Jamais> I’m the writer and marketer. I write the scripts, design the site, and figure out ways to get out the word re: Sex Percussions.
<jhorsley3> and who does the artwork?
<Jamais> Er…Currently it’s Sophie Magnusson (crunchturtle @ deivantart. She saw my ad on Gaia, submitted a few drawings, and has been doing SP for the current chapter.
<jhorsley3> So you’ve had several artists on the series?
<Jamais> Just one other: Katie Sweet from Juathuur (now Juathuur: Gatecrash).
<jhorsley3> awesome, I like Katie’s work.
<jhorsley3> Sofie is amazing as well
<jhorsley3> let’s get to the more formal questions
<Jamais> Yeah; she does some nice stuff. It’s nice to see her slow down a bit.

<jhorsley3> Tell me who you are and where you are from?
<Jamais> And me without a tuc!
<Jamais> Jamais Jochim, and from Sacramento, CA. It’s the place Arnie rules his duchy from…
<jhorsley3> Sacramento…I have fond memories of there
<jhorsley3> Driving home from Comic-Con 2004…it was 118 degrees. I was in a van with 4 people and no AC
<Jamais> Hey! Cold weather!;-)
<jhorsley3> I’m in Seatte, I know all about cold weather!
<jhorsley3> and rainy weather
<Jamais> So you do hot summers there too?
<jhorsley3> Seattle get’s hot for maybe a week in August, besides that it RARLY gets over 75 degrees

<jhorsley3> Tell me why you started your comic and when.
<Jamais> Back in 2005, someone on Gaia held a name contest; one of the names suggested was “Sex Percussion“. I told the person I was going to steal it because it sounded like a capoiera group.
<Jamais> A month or two later, I had the SP script finished. I offered it to the original person, but she didn’t want to do it, so I had to find someone else. That’s when Katie came in.
<jhorsley3> nice, so you’ve been at this for a few years
<jhorsley3> What keeps you going?
<Jamais> Yeah…but I need to get more serious.
<jhorsley3> more serious?
<Jamais> Yeah. It would be nice to get something green from this….
<jhorsley3> I think everyone making a webcomic wishes to get some green from their comic
<jhorsley3> my comic is WAY different from yours, BUT I’ve been doing it since 2003 and I’ve seen very little green.
<Jamais> Yeah. But I think that SP is on the cusp…especially when I see some of the webcomics with bigger numbers than mine.
<jhorsley3> Spider Forest is going places
<jhorsley3> I see it EVERYWHERE
<Jamais> Yeah; it’s sort of weird that way.
<jhorsley3> I’m constantly on the look out for new comics to read and a lot of the good ones come up on Spider Forest
<Jamais> Yeah; the voting-in process helps keep up the quality.
<jhorsley3> I’ve thought of applying y2cl to SP, but I’m pretty certain it would not get past the vote, ha
<jhorsley3> anyway, on to the next question!
<jhorsley3> What keeps you going?
<Jamais> I’m curious if I can get SP to that next level, and what it would take. However, my ADHD and lack of funds hurts the effort.
<jhorsley3> the lack of funds really detures what you want to do with a comic
<Jamais> Yeah. I think I need to spend more on advertising (maybe up it to at least $10-$15 a week, and I need to finance that somehow. In order to do that, I need to start selling merch.
<Jamais> It’s a vicious circle: You just need money to make money, and I think I’m starting to realize that a bit more fully.
<jhorsley3> I’ve been getting into the merch game with books, postcards and shirts
<jhorsley3> its tough yeah, you have to have money to put into it and then  you really don’t know what youwill sell
<Jamais> I have the shirts, and a lot of other stuff.
<jhorsley3> awesome.
<Jamais> POD Shops; gotta love ’em.

<jhorsley3> What keeps you making Sex Percussions all these years?
<Jamais> It’s fun. And it’s an interesting experiment. And, of course, I’m a comics geek.
<jhorsley3> takes a comics geek to keep the love going!
<jhorsley3> How would you feel if you found someone claiming your work as their own?
<Jamais> Yep. And I don’t think anyone else could really do it.

<jhorsley3>  How would you feel if you found someone claiming your work as their own?
<Jamais> That person would probably not like me. I hate people like that, and I would do almost anything to protect my work.
<jhorsley3> same here. It’s an unlikly situation, but one anyone who publishes on the web should think about
<Jamais> Yeah. But that is one of the advantages of everyone knowing that me and SP are synonymous; I’d get a lot of support if something like that happened.
<jhorsley3> What exactly is your relationship with SP?
<Jamais> You mean outside of the co-owner of it? The writer? The one who gives it a soul to inhabit its pretty flesh?
<Jamais> I’m its knight, and the one who does what I can to get more under its sway.
<jhorsley3> well that’s pretty awesome
<jhorsley3> I thought you where just a member!
<Jamais> Nope. I’m the president. And what I say usually goes.
<jhorsley3> as Mel Brooks would say, ‘it’s good to be the king!’
<Jamais> Yeah. As long as the artist doesn’t veto me.;-)
<jhorsley3> here’s my favorite question to ask

<jhorsley3> If you could make one interesting merch item out of your comic (cost is not a factor) what would it be?
<Jamais> A deck of cards. Not necessarily a CCG (even though that would be nice), but a regular deck of playing cards. Either that or an RPG….
<Jamais> I’m weird that wat…
<Jamais> er…way.
<jhorsley3> nice, a deck of cards would be fun
<jhorsley3> I play a lot of card games
<Jamais> Yeah. That’s why. It’s just bloody expensive to do that.
<jhorsley3> Walmart will print up some nice cards, though on the back only
<jhorsley3> my wife gave me a deck of cards witha picture of me and her ont he back of all the cards, I thikn it cost her like $3
<Jamais> Yeah, but to do an actual set of cards requires a set-up price before you can even print Deck One.
<jhorsley3> true

<jhorsley3> What is the ultimate message you are trying to convey with your comic?
<Jamais> That a team of people can do anything, and it doesn’t matter what your backgrounds are as long as it works with the team.
<Jamais> Yeesh. I have to have one of the most PC teams ever….
<jhorsley3> ha!
<jhorsley3> there’s nothing wrong with that, I have the most anti-pc team ever
<jhorsley3> and with a name like Sex Percussions how PC can it really be?
<jhorsley3> I swear I thought it was a porn comic at first
<Jamais> Everybody does. But we’re so safe for work it’s not even funny!
<Jamais> We’re a pretty straigh-forward pulp comic.
<Jamais> I mean, we have a gay romance in their, but that’s as bad as it gets…..
<jhorsley3> I like pulp and I’ve been reading your comic as we’ve been doing this interview
<jhorsley3> I have to same I’l liking it
<Jamais> Yeah; the idea was to have characters you’d like to go to a bar with instead of these out-of-touch characters.
<Jamais> Even Baxt, a vampire, is pretty down-to-earth.
<Jamais> Which is rare. Vampires are usually such abgst-fests.
<jhorsley3> nice, it’s well done and a good read.
<jhorsley3> I agree, vampires are hard to get right
<jhorsley3> ok last question.

<jhorsley3> Sum up in one sentence why people should click the link to your comic.
<Jamais> Because it’s a fun comic. SP is about family, and how it’s defined not by genetics but by people just getting along. That and the great art, and I’m not referring solely to visual stuff.
<jhorsley3> agreed, art is more then visual
<jhorsley3> well, I appriciate your time for this interview, I know Ilearned a ot
<Jamais> Cool.
<jhorsley3> but as I am having trouble staying awake, and I am out of questions, it is time to tuck this thing into bed and go to sleep myelf
<Jamais> And it was fun for me as well!
<jhorsley3> 🙂
<Jamais> OK. See ya later then!
<jhorsley3> thanks agian!
<jhorsley3> later
<Jamais> bai!

Wasn’t that fun? Go check out Sex Percussions now and let me know what you think!

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