Jakes all better!

So as a follow up to my last post, Jakob is home and doing well.

We took him to Mary Bridge via ambulance as we said, they took his blood to run tests and pumped him full of D10 for sugar. His sugars went up to 215 then stabilized back down to the 140 range. He played games and relaxed the rest of the day and is doing great.

Luckily while on this little adventure to the hospital trip I somehow hurt my back. Go me! I got to spend the rest of the day in immense pain. So much so that on the drive home I had to pull over and have Kaylie drive because I lost the ability to shift. (note: I typed the word ‘shit’ at first. I certainly have not lost the ability to shit.) Only after several hours or complaining, bitching followed by eating then a hot shower and started to finally feel better.

Mind you I still hurt, but I’m able to focus and work now.

Thank god.

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