Ivar’s Seafood, established 1938 celebrating is centennial! wait..what?

It’s true, read about it here.

Last time I checked centennial means 100…and 1938 was only 72 years ago. I did only get a 4.0 in all my college math classes but I’m pretty sure 72 is not equal to 100.  If  I’m wrong on that and there’s some new-fangled math they are teaching the chitlins in school today, please let me know.

Reading the page I understand what they are doing. They are putting up clever little ‘future time lines’ of things they are doing over the next 28 years in preparation for the centennial. Although, the 2015 – Introducing I-Spoon Technology does seem pretty interesting. I mean, I have always wanted to tweet INSTANTLY to my followers about my chowder experience WHILE I was enjoying the chowder…not 2 seconds after it’s in my mouth and I can grab my phone to do said act. Though I do suspect that Ivar’s is going to need to act quick and copyright the name iSpoon before Apple starts making kitchen utensils that play music while you eat.

This brings up an interesting topic for discussion.

Marketing ploys.

That’s all this is, it’s a clever marketing ploy to generate interest and talk about Ivar’s in hopes it will increase sales. My only issue is they make a lot of bold promises and dammit I want them to follow through with their entire time line of events. 2016 – Seagull Advertising Squadron? Who WOULDN’T want a flock of creamy white shit spewers flying above their heads trying to sell them creamy white chowder? Yum, that makes me want to buy some. Though, seeing them fly in formation would be interesting.

And why am I reminded of that terrible travesty of a book that was Jonathan Livingston Seagull? And why god WHY would they have made a movie about that story? Here is a summary of events of that story.

I’m a seagull.

I fly.

I live by water.

I have a large family.

we eat trash.

we die.

the end.

Sorry if I ruined it for you, but for god sakes that book is worse than Twilight. For serious. (there goes all my pre-teen readers)

I suppose the point of this post is, should I start some big marketing scheme for the centennial of y2cl? granted, it is 93 years away, but maybe do like some special count down thing each year for the next 93 years! If only I’d live that long. 2103 here I come!

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