It’s Thursday in the great Pacific Northwest! 2

and cold as crap outside.

This blog post is going to be full of nothing but random thoughts. I haven’t done a stream of consciousness post in awhile, so it’s about time I do. Sit back, get a beer, and enjoy the ride deep into my inner child.

So there I was, sitting by self at my desk at work, looking out the window when I sad a van. What kind of van? it was gold. It’s parked next to my car with the dent in the front. Remember that story? I was viciously mailed by a deer while driving. Well I wasn’t so much as my car was. Theres photos as well. Stupidly when I first posted that article I had a picture in it with my license plate number. Got yelled at for that by the wife. I was able to use my iPhone (read iFin) to delete the picture.

Tux, the Linux penguin

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Today has been a so-so day. The highlight of my day was remote connecting into my server at home from work and installing a Linux Virtual Machine to it. Why would I do this? Mostly because I wanted to play with the newest version of Ubuntu. Also because I want to set up a VM as my download box and use some automation to monitor folders within the VM so when the download finishes they are virus scanned then either moved to the proper folder on the server or deleted. Why would I do this? Because who knows if a file is corrupt or bad when you download it, even from trusted sites! This way if a file is bad, it most likely will not effect the Linux system, and even if it does it’s a VM, I can just ctrl+c then ctrl+v it. I’ll write up a better post about this later.


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My stomach feels gross today. Could be the 1/4 bottle or so of Jägermeister I impromptu drank last night in a flurry. Why would I do such a thing? No reason.  I was alone with some friends and the wife and I haven’t had Jager in a while, and I love me some Jager. I have not been drunk in over 5 years, only been slightly tipsy. I’m not sure what it was but I used to get my drink on a lot. Maybe it’s growing up, maybe it’s becoming a father, or maybe I’m just to lazy to be bothered with being drunk. I dunno, you pick.

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