it’s the march….of war! 2

if we go to war will it boost our economy? or destroy it? will our gas prices raise or lower? these are things ive been thinking about lately. that and since i havnt slept in over a month, ive had a lot of time to sit and contimplate all angles of this, and of many other things as well.

boost or destroy? it will boost. raise or lower? depends on what the oil companies want to do. but i think riase then lower in a week or two.

on another note, my ex needs a place to stay, cause i dont want her here anymore, she is makeing my life hell. just little things. and my family is thinking that to, cause she has changed drasticaly from the girl i met 8 months ago. she was sweet and cute and cuddling then, and now she shows that that is all jsut a cover up for her hellash inside.

it feels like she isnt even trying to move out. like she just thinks if she doesnt find a place she can just stay here until she gets a new boyfriend and moves in with him. well no. shes not going to live here for 2 years like she did with charlie, first off there is not enough room here for a 10th person to be staying, we dont have another room for her, and shes not living in my room for 2 years with me. may first is her deadline for finding an apartment. she will find this out if she isnt looking by the end of the month. right now she is working 49 hours a week and saying she doesnt have enough money for an apartment. well i hate to break it to you, but thats $1,505.38 a month shes making. and instead of going out and spending $500 on stereo equipment like she was going to(she told me that AFTER i told her she had to move out) she should save that and get a place to stay.

she has a spending problem. she likes ot spend money, and doesnt keep track of what she spends. she palces $100 orders at Deliahs and Alloy, spends $100 at the grocery store. and wonders where her money goes. when we broke up she knew she had to move out, the next day she goes and buys a ton of new jewlery. now i dont know what she spent, cause its none of my business, but she bought a belly button ring, and those are $30-$40 each.

wow, i guess i did have something to say after all

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