It’s been one of those weeks 3

Seriously though, this week has not been awesome int he slightest. Yesterday I got so irritated and frustrated with EVERYTHING. I ended up watching the Zach

Woman pregnancy month by month.
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Galafanakis stand up on NetFlix and passing out by 9:30pm.

I don’t know what it was, I think I generally just was tired, irritated and upset for no real good reason. Maybe it’s an overwhelming of nerves, the sense that my 4th, yes you read that correctly, my FOURTH child is approaching it’s culmination of gestation to enter the world as a living, breathing, shitting human being. I am looking forward to when Scarlet is here and the pregnancy is over.

Anyone who says they like being pregnant is a dirty filthy liar. And I have not tolerance for liars. I’m not sure whats worse, the lying about being pleasant or the hormonal beast they become that is impenetrable to reason and clear judgment. Mind you my wife isn’t so bad while pregnant. The worst part is that her back is killing her all the time and I feel like a butler. 90% of the time I don’t mind getting up out of my chair many times over and getting her what she needs. I will say that I can not wait until it’s over. Ad that to the three kids I have now with their demands or my time and try and figure out how many times I have to get up while watching TV, a Movie or doing practically anything else. There is a reason why I leave my laptop on my tall boy dresser so I can use it while standing.

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