It’s been awhile…

Man I’ve missed you guys. Where has the time GONE?!

May 20th, 2013 was the last time you heard from me, holy crap a lot has happened since then. (beside small updates)

Let’s to a quick run down!

I turned 32, celebrated 4 years at my current employer and gained a bunch of weight. Had back surgery, was in a band then had to quite due to my shoulder giving out.

Kaylie turned 27 and is still amazing. She graduated from OC and started at WSU, for all A’s and B’s her first quarter.

We celebrated SEVEN years being married!

Kodi joined a soccer team and scored 65% of ALL the goals for the season. Stills plays baseball and kicks ass. He is 11 now.

Jakob still plays baseball and joined ballet, which I couldn’t be more proud of him for! He was diagnosed with Autism so we have been learning about that one. He is 8 now.

Saidey is in kindergarten and loves it! She is doing amazing! She has developed some stomach issues that we are still learning about, but she is a trooper through it all! She also plays Double A Softball now! She also is still in ballet. She is 6 now.

Tegan is doing ballet and swimming lessons. She is mommy’s little helper at home. She can’t WAIT to join t-ball in just 2 short years. She is 3 now.

Jack is almost 5 months old! He smiles all the time and just an all around joy! He doesn’t like it when you  don’t hold him, but that’s ok! He is adorable and I love him!


That’s the quick updates.

I will have more updates soon…I even have some y2cl news coming!

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