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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Eben from eben07 tonight and conducting my first interview. Let me quickly say the point behind me interviewing other comic makers is to get to know them and their comic more then I may or may not already. I am also doing to show people who read y2cl some other great comics. That said, let’s get on with the interview!


Here is a transcript of the interview, conducted in the InkSpot IRC chat room. I have edited it to show where each question was asked.

<Eben07> So how’s it going?

<@jhorsley3> pretty good

<@jhorsley3> watching a movie, working on y2cl stuff

<Eben07> Nice

<@jhorsley3> felt like interviewing some comic people I like for fun to put on my site

<Eben07> I was about to slap on John Adams or Sukiyaki Western Django

<@jhorsley3> I’m watching Harold and Kumar Escape from Gitmo

<Eben07> That’s a good idea – would be fun at the very least πŸ™‚

<@jhorsley3> yup, so is it jsut you or is dbethel going to joina s well?

<Eben07> Uh, I don’t know if DBethel is awake – his communicator isn’t on

<@jhorsley3> ahh, so a solo interview.

<Eben07> Did you tweet him about it?

<@jhorsley3> that’s cool.

<@jhorsley3> you know, I don’t have him on my twitter

<Eben07> DBethel


<Eben07> Should be that

<@jhorsley3> you, that’s it

<@jhorsley3> ok, you ready?

<Eben07> I’ll tweet him about it. But I honestly don’t know that he’s up and around. He usuallly only awake if he’s got a comic due the next day πŸ™‚

<Eben07> Sure fire away

<@jhorsley3> lol, that’s fine

<@jhorsley3> I have 10 questions.

<@jhorsley3> here we go

<@jhorsley3> these answers should be interesting based on what I know about you and the comic already!

<@jhorsley3> first question


<@jhorsley3> Tell me who you are and where you are from?

<Eben07> Haha! The money question. Well, unfortuately, I am not at liberty to disclose such information.

<Eben07> I am Eben.

<@jhorsley3> fair ’nuff.

<@jhorsley3> this will lead nicely into my next question

<Eben07> DBethel and I are separate people though. But seriously as n agent of the Intelligence Cleaner Agency – I have to keep my identiy protected.


<@jhorsley3> Tell me why you started Eben07 and when.

<Eben07> Well the comic was started in late 2007 – it became mandated by Congress for the I.C.A. to declassify all of our archives.

<Eben07> We chose to do it as a comic because Congress did not specify the medium in which we declassified

<@jhorsley3> so you chose to make it interesting and unique rather then just another document

<Eben07> Well, it ended up interesting I think. The choice was made so that we could meet the requiements, without full disclosure.

<Eben07> I wanted it to be a cartoon show – that was my half joking suggestion, and the I.C.A. director ruled it out but liked the idea enough to make it a comic

<@jhorsley3> are you at liberty to discuss those ‘requirments’?

<@jhorsley3> It’s funny how a joking suggestiong can often lead a project into a new direction

<Eben07> Well – the requirements were basically to disclose events surrounding a calamitious event that occured and the I.C.A. may or may not have been directly involved

<Eben07> So we have been declassifying archives that lead to these events in the way we best see fit.

<Eben07> Oh yeah – I am a lot more careful what I suggest now in jest πŸ™‚

<@jhorsley3> Watch what you say at the office party, you never know whose listening

<@jhorsley3> next question

<Eben07> I would definitely agree! I can assure you somebody always is!


<@jhorsley3> How would you feel if you found someone claiming eben07 as their own work and not the declassification efforts of yourself and Mr Dbethel?

<Eben07> So if somebody infringed on the copyright?

<@jhorsley3> correct.

<@jhorsley3> Someone took the pages you have crafted and re-posted them onto their own site, claiming it to be their own work

<Eben07> I would consider them irretriably stupid to steal for a covert governmental organaization.

<Eben07> even if we are just janitors, we know lots of people good with knives

<Eben07> In all honesty, there would be legal reprecussions – we’re prepared for that should it ever happen.

<@jhorsley3> IT’s good to always be prepared.

<@jhorsley3> And I would think stealing from the I.C.A. would NOT be a smart thing to do.

<Eben07> Not at all.

<@jhorsley3> I’ve read a lot of the declassified information and if the I.C.A. may have been involved, it wouldbe wise to stear clear

<Eben07> In fact, I know there is information pending declassification that illustrates what happens when you steal from us

<@jhorsley3> A good informative and warningful message to all

<Eben07> haha


<@jhorsley3> What sort of things would you include, if allowed by the I.C.A. that is, in a printed collection to get readers to buy since they can still read it for free on the website?

<Eben07> If you do catch somebody thieving please let us know too – we’d reward informnts

<@jhorsley3> I’ll keep my eye out! rewards are a favorite of mine

<Eben07> Oh – well we are working on a book for Operation for the Love of Russia – once the story line is finished the book will include photo reproductions of DBethel sketch work, samples from the cases, there will be added art, and the strips will be reworked to fit better on a paper page.

<Eben07> A book from us will have a lot of bonus content only available in the book.

<Eben07> We’re planning to have them be sort of graphic novel meet novellas – there will even be short declassified briefing notes, lots of content.

<@jhorsley3> excellent.

<@jhorsley3> exclusive content only available in the book

<Eben07> That way fans of the series will get more out of the series when they buy the book

<Eben07> and new readers can immediately be immersed in our story telling from the get go

<@jhorsley3> Do you have a page size you are shooting for in this book?

<Eben07> It should be standard sized comic book.

<Eben07> Depends on who we end up publishing with. We might do a standard and a collectors edition

<Eben07> still up in the air

<@jhorsley3> what about page count?

<Eben07> we don’t anticipate this until April.

<Eben07> It will probably be about 24-30 pages

<@jhorsley3> what I mean by page count, is how many comic pages and how many extra pages do you plan for this first book?

<Eben07> It should be about 30-36 comics.

<Eben07> So wait – yeah let me answer the page count –

<Eben07> For Love of Russia will probably be 30 comics long with up to 6 pages of epilogue

<Eben07> in terms of bonus material, we’re looking at probably another 5-10 pages

<Eben07> The epilogue pages may or may not be only found in the book

<@jhorsley3> I would assume after all the comics are out you will collect it into a trade paper back

<Eben07> Right – so every page of For the Love of Russia that is online right now, would be in the book

<@jhorsley3> good good

<@jhorsley3> ok, next question


<@jhorsley3> If you could make one interesting merch item out of your comic (cost is not a factor) what would it be?

<Eben07> Oh good question…

<Eben07> Personally, as a baseball fan, I love bobbleheads. That would be up on the list.

<Eben07> But intersting – I was thinking of Eben07 Pluger gun magnets for the refrigertor

<Eben07> today

<Eben07> So basically little plungers that stuck to your fridge.

<@jhorsley3> that would be interesting

<@jhorsley3> both the plunger magnets and the bobbleheads

<Eben07> I’d love to do replica Eben07 gun

<@jhorsley3> you know, I know someone who could do one for you

<@jhorsley3> profesional quality and for a good price

<Eben07> πŸ™‚ Well money is unfortuaely an object πŸ™‚

<Eben07> Congressional oversight doesn’t really let us have unlimited spending budget as we used to

<@jhorsley3> Money is tight everywhere

<Eben07> An Eben07 Lego Line would be awesome too

<@jhorsley3> but if you ever can make that replica gun, Mike from creates realistic replicas

<@jhorsley3> yes, a Lego EBen07 set would be pretty bad ass

<Eben07> I will look into that. Sounds like fun!

<Eben07> link didn’t work πŸ™

<@jhorsley3> i spelled it wrong…


<Eben07> rad stuff! Love that tusken raider mask

<@jhorsley3> yeah, he’s my brother in law and the artist for

<@jhorsley3> he does AMAZING work

<@jhorsley3> anyway, back to your interview

<@jhorsley3> πŸ™‚

<Eben07> I’ll keep this in mind πŸ™‚



<@jhorsley3> Sum up in one sentence why people should click the link to Eben07.

<Eben07> It is still a flying under the radar comic – there is adventure, humor, art and a deeply immerisive site full of things to explore

<@jhorsley3> I would have to agree with that completely, I always find something new on the site.

<@jhorsley3> last question, and probably the most important


<@jhorsley3> Please tell me the name of your comic and it’s URL.

<Eben07> It’s Eben07 – Comic of the Intelligence Cleaner Agency @


<@jhorsley3> alright, well that concludes this wonderfuly informative interview.

<Eben07> πŸ™‚

<Eben07> Thanks!

<@jhorsley3> Thank you for your time Eben

<@jhorsley3> and best of luck with the successt of Eben07, I know I’m a fan!

<Eben07> My pleasure – thank you for the invitation

<@jhorsley3> I try to win your contest all the time and ALWAYS lose

<Eben07> Well we have the $20 Trivia Contest right now

<Eben07> That one is hard, but it is very winnable.

<@jhorsley3> that it is.

<Eben07> I think our mistake was making it way toooooo hard

<Eben07> Okay!

<@jhorsley3> yeah, it involves a lot of effort and time

<@jhorsley3> effor tI have, time I don’t!

<@jhorsley3> I tried to win that book and the guest art contest (I still thought my guest are was funny)

<Eben07> I’m probably going to fold it, and make it into $5 and a site question

<Eben07> Oh, indeed – your pursuit of the prize doenst go unnonticed, you’ll get one sometime I’m sure!

<Eben07> The book was a really really cool prize

<@jhorsley3> lol, well it makes me feel better that you didn’t win my guest art contest, lol

<@jhorsley3> I’m sure it was, I wanted it, haha

<Eben07> That’s another reason to get into Eben07 – the damn prizes we giveaway are rad.

<Eben07> Well cheers! We’ll be in touch. Thank you very much for the interview. It was fun πŸ™‚

<@jhorsley3> likewise!

<@jhorsley3> take care


All and all I would say this was a very good interview. I learned something! So take a moment, head on over to, but for god sakes don’t steal from the I.C.A!

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