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So I was browseing around today online and came across this little gem of an adult comic. Be warned, this comic is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but it is very funny.

What is it called? It’s called Doctor Voluptua. It’s about a doctor and tales of sex addicts. I read through the first case and though it was rather rude and crude but laughable to the extream. (damn, what a 90’s thing to say, I must appoligize for that. I feel like I’m talking about the new Zenon Movie.)

I would like to call to your attention one very funny comic, and incidentally the reason for me posting this blog.

Doctor Voluptua #21 in which a penis sings a sit Mixalot long. I’m sure you can guess which one, and no it’s not SWASS or Buttermilk Biscuits.

So check it out, love it but for god sakes don’t get fired over it.

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