interesting conversation 1

x jhorsley3 x: howdy
SeanPolio: like….hey
x jhorsley3 x: whats up?
SeanPolio: mostly this erection, but nothing much.
SeanPolio: U?
x jhorsley3 x: same pretty much
x jhorsley3 x: through my erection has subsided for the moment
SeanPolio: i’m a pornstar, i have lil choice
x jhorsley3 x: ahh, must be a fun life
x jhorsley3 x: either that or a tireing one
SeanPolio: yeah, i deal with hot studs luckily.
SeanPolio: i love my contract
SeanPolio: its for a full 6 years
x jhorsley3 x: thats the way to go, get what you want in it
x jhorsley3 x: so who are you if i might ask?
SeanPolio: Sean
SeanPolio: i gotta go in a few, next shoot. i’m doing a black man. o joy
x jhorsley3 x: sounds fun, where you based?
SeanPolio: north dakota
x jhorsley3 x: they make porn in north dakota?
x jhorsley3 x: wow, thats news
SeanPolio: yeah.
x jhorsley3 x: so you a give or a taker?
x jhorsley3 x: and when you give do you give a reach around? or ar eyou the kind of asshole who doesnt?
SeanPolio: uhm i might
x jhorsley3 x: you might give the reach around?
x jhorsley3 x: or y ou might be the asshole who doesnt?
SeanPolio: i reach well with colours
SeanPolio: i do the make up.
x jhorsley3 x: well its easier that way

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