I’m not sure what to call this, so I’ll just say..hey, how’s it going?

I’ve been pretty miserable lately. I’ve been having what I originally thought was ear pain that has now morphed into tooth/jaw/ear pain on my right side since October/November. It sucks. I was working out DAILY and eating a lot better, but the pain in my face killed my workout routine as everything I did made my head pulsate with pain. I’ve also become unable to drink or eat anything cold. Nor can I breath easily when I go on walks because of the cold air.

So in general it all just sucks ass.

Not only am I in a ton of pain each day, but the medicine I’m on to try and fix this has done three things to me. Lowered my pain level (yay!), made me retain weight (boo) and removed any impulse control I had as I now just think “meh, fuck it. I’ll do it and deal with it later” This is not a good thing, I’m pretty sure I’ve put back on like 10 pounds since this whole thing started, if not more!

I’m going in for ANOTHER, well not another but the second half of a Root Canal today. Not looking forward to that at all. Hopefully this helps because waking up at night with the right half of my face in throbbing pain is no good.

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