I’m frozen and The Disney Channel is my friend

Ok so I should admit that I watch a lot of Disney Channel. I know to those who know me personally this is not a shock but to the readers of y2cl it might be. Yes, I watch The Suit Life Of Zach & Cody (and On Deck), Life With Derrek, Hannah Montana, Phenius and Ferb, That’s so Raven and the rest. It’s an addiction, like crack. My wife hooked me on it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for stupid comedy.

I’m frozen because it’s 29 degrees outside and our heater decided to stop working last night, making it 62 degrees in the house when we got up. I’ve been bundle in a jacket all day as out heater makes an effort to bring the house temp back up. I have it set at 87 degrees but it’s only managed to get the house temp up to 68 since this morning. A climb, yes, but not where it should be!

I’ve been working on the y2cl Christmas week and almost have it done, only two more comics to do. Then I move on to the New Years shindig’ followed by the wrapping up of the z2c storyline. Jon and I are hard at work to get this story completed and move y2cl upwards and onwards to the future. In the next series we aim for the stars and never look back. It should be a lot of fun. Everyone’s favorite Larry will be a big part of the next story line, but not in a way you would expect.

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