I’m cold 4

my ex read my lj and was all pissed. she thinks i want to get a new girlfriend right away and the comment about it being wierd if i brought a girl home was talking about right now. well, i meant it as in the future. a monthe or so down the road if that happens. not now. i have no plans on going out and finding someone right now. i need some single time to figure things out. i still need to come to terms with a lot of things. i never give myself the greaving time i need after a girlfriend, so i have to play catch up. i need to just sit and think about everything. i need to realize i am not the shit, all girls dont love me, and i should be thankfull for any girl that does. i need to realize that in contrary to what i think, most girls are not attracted to me, and any that are are more then likly the ones i dont want. and if one i do want is attracted to me, ill never know, cause shell either never talk to me or ill be to stupid to know. these are things i need to realize. i am not gods gift to women and sex. this is apparent by my incredibly small penis. size does matter, and when the girl says its ok, i dont mind,they mean good god am i going to feel this?

once i come to terms with this, then i can start my life as a homosexual.

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