I won a contest and the Luminaries

So over at COTM fellow comicer Ezra hosted a contest for what artist was being referenced in their recent Luminaries page. Well the answer are in and as you can see I was the third one to answer it. Here is what was said on the Luminaries blog about lil’ ol’ me:

“3rd place: Jhorsley3, also to be found at COTM, runs y2cl. Y2cl is like that friend who leans over and tells you naughty jokes, but also has their moments where ya just love having them around. Except your friend’s a comic in this case. On the internet. He won a panel telling all about why the Luminaries have those cables running to and from their houses. It’s really rather significant, and now he knows allll about it. Jealous, aren’t ya?”

If you haven’t already, head over there and read all 17 pages that are currently up, it’s impressive work. The attention to detail is AMAZING.