i wanna be your dominated love slave 15

i need to find a woman who wants to run my life. and by run my life i mean become my secratary. get everything i have to do(as far as art and writing) in order, tell me what is a priority and what isnt, what i should get done right away and so forth. take care of getting me work and so on. that would be awesome. all that with a little lovin on the side, id be set. so who wants the job?

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  • waytoopunk4u

    I care, personally, because I don’t want the country run by a Christian-enforced government. So much for separation of church and state… if 81% of people who voted for Bush voted for him because of moral and religious reasons, we’ll lose many of our freedoms, especially freedoms of choice like abortion and gay marriage. Gay marriage may not effect me personally, but abortion laws do, and that, I care about.
    Bush being in office also means saying goodbye to serious health care reforms, any chance of a strong economic reemergence, and homeland security. I no longer feel safe living in my own country, and I know hundreds of people who have voiced the same sentiment.
    So, I’m sure it DOES matter to you, a little. I mean, you like money and good health and security, I’m sure, so it does matter. Maybe not in the short run, but over time, it WILL affect you a bit.
    You are right, though, in that he makes Americans look like giant idiot assholes. Oh how 75% of all other nations are laughing at us now…

    • pastrybitch

      you said it. add to that innocent people are dying and the environments going to hell. the forests will be so much more healthy if we cut the trees down and digging at anwr is such a great idea. all hail the mighty dollar.

      • waytoopunk4u

        Oh, the almighty dollar, how I praise thee…
        You are right, of course, about the innocent people dying and the lack of environmental concern that Bush displays. I'm petrified to think of what will happen to our citizens and our forests over the next four years. But then again, hell, if you kill off American citizens, no need for trees!!

          • waytoopunk4u

            I tend to like trees better than people myself – they say less and therefore have a smaller chance of 1)sounding like idiots and 2)contradicting themselves:)
            No, I didn't mean to imply I JUST meant American citizens – I'm concerned about a large number of people from many nations thanks to Bush's re-election. I was just using American citizens as a reference. But I, like you, fear for the lives of multiple people in multiple nations.

    • The Revenge Post author

      honestly though, does it effect you PERSONALY, does it make your day to day life ANY different? that was my point. it doesnt.
      yes i dislike him, yes i dislike a Christian-enforced government.
      look at it this way though, Bush is WAY to stupid to do anything harmfull. FEAR his administration, for he is jsut a puppet.
      and anything he does, can be fixed given a good president. just look what Clinton did, fixed the fuck ups of all the retarted republicans before him, granted Bush destroyed everything Clinton did, and in only 2 years time as well.
      Gay marriage is still a little out of the scop right now. yes Bush will block it, but eventualy it will be passed to be 'legal'(retarted that it isnt allready) you have to look at America as a whole. Half of our country lives in the 1950's society of the Bible Belt and REFUSES to change their way of thinking. they are not ready for Gay marriage, just as they are not ready for a Black president. both of which should be acceptable in a modern society.
      im not saying i agree with anything hes going to do or has done. im saying im not going to stress over it, cause stress only breeds idle thought, and idle thought breeds hostility. and more hostility is NOT what we need right now.
      im so burt out on polital liberal art school fuck tards with their 'bush is teh suckorz' and their ignorant speaking, i pick a path of living my life and not letting our incompotent president bother me in my day to day life.
      yes i am sympothetic to all the men and woman who have lost their lives in the war. yes i feel for those who cannot marry their loved ones. yes i hurt for those raped and impregnant forced to bring u pa bastard child at 14. but sitting and posting hateful and ignorant shit about the president is not going to help it all. if you really want to make a difference, take a stand in the next election, try and convince those who do not vote to voice their opinions. cause honestly, if you dont vote, shut the fuck up, you have no RIGHT to talk about politics.
      your comment about me liking money, good health and security….here is my responce:
      Bush being president doesnt effect any of that. not one bit. i run my own bussiness, and have since i was 18. as far as health, i have a private health care provider. security? i dont feel any less secure now then i did when i was 16 and Clinton was president. why? cause if we get attacked, we are fucked anyways. there have always and will always be a major power that doesnt like us, thats just the way the world works. all we have to hope is that we scare them more then they scare us.
      all that said, that is why i choise to live my life like i normaly do and not be burdened with 'teh prez is teh fagzor'
      thanks for your thoughts though, always nice to discuss.

      • waytoopunk4u

        I have a lot to say to this, and no time to say in it…:)
        You say that you run your own business and have a private health care provider, so you aren't worried about money and health care. That's good, and it's better that you HAVE those things, but business (as you know) runs on consumer demand. Now, I don't know what your business is, but if the consumer is losing more money because Bush has cut jobs/raised taxes, they won't be buying your product. Therefore, you in turn will lose money, not be able to pay for your health insurance, etc… unless you are independantly wealthy, and if that is the case, I take back everything I just said;)
        I agree and disagree with what you are saying, and if I COULD ignore it and bury my head in the sand over the next four years, I would happily do so. But I can't, it's not in my nature. I AM personally affected, and my day to day life very well could differ. If I can't get a job when I graduate college in a year, my life would be very different. If I don't have health care and I have cancer, my life would be very different. In fact, while I'm on the subject of health care and prescription drug costs, I'm reminded that my day to day life already IS affected by Bush. I take three prescription medications per day, and pay for them with a health insurance plan I can barely afford. It's growing extremely difficult to afford the medication I need to keep me stable and alive, and functional in this already-failing society. Should health insurance costs be raised even by a few percent, I am out of luck – no more medications, no more healthy living for me. My quality of life declines. So yes, I am affected personally.
        I fear his administration just as much as him, of course, but he is partially to blame. After all, he signs the forms and pushes the buttons…
        And of course I know you are sympethetic to the men and women in Iraq, to the innocents who have died, to those raped and impregnated with no chance of abortion. I hope that I in NO WAY implied that I thought you were being a jackass, that is not what I meant. And, in turn, I did not post hateful and ignorant shit about the president. In fact, my posts have been mostly short, factual comments on what I see going on in the world around me. Had I called him a giant dick, then we'd have a different story. Do I think he's a giant dick? In politics, absolutely. He might be a wonderful father, husband, son, friend, Christian, whatever, but those things cannot make me feel safe in my own country.
        Will this bother me every day for four years? Well, maybe not directly, but it will rear it's ugly head frequently, and will be on my mind. As I said before, I cannot stand by and bury my head in the sand when my life and the lives of those around me are being jeopardized. I care entirely too much about myself and others to wash my hands of this whole ordeal.