i wanna be decapitated 1

so i helpd nick move. ended up getting a dreamcast with some games, a dvd player, vcr, cell phone, some more shit, it was fun. then when he leaves for the airforce i get his 19″ monitor.

then jeff invited people over, sarah and jennifer. jenn brought brandon, we bitched about brigitte then listened to the dave attell cd, funny shit, then jenn and brandon left cause they hate us all.

they shoulda hung out man, cause 10 minutes after they left the dixie chicks broke in a fucked everyone. even the cat got a hand job.

then we went to NAD park and surfed the kiddie toys, next we to silverdale park and surfed those toys then wen aboard the ship of life, then the midget we mett jumped off the tedder totter and ran away, disapeared into thin air, then there was a beautiful rainbow.

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