I placed second in the For The Reels Christmas Contest! 4

Ok so it’s not first, BUT it is second and I beat out DB from Minos the Minotaur (he’s a hard mofo to take down, let me tell you). First place went to EAG from Elderly Apple with his amazing first place entry!

Without further a due, here is my second place entry….

y2cl's FTR 2nd place entry

The Brothers Garcia had these nice words to say about y2cl…


JOE: I love the way J did this strip. Sure, it probably took
only 8.4 seconds to make the whole thing, since he can
whip out Y2CL strips in no time, but it’s sweet to see a
movie parodying comic using stills from the actual movie.
Jon and were going to do this initially, but we hit a speed
bump very early on when we realized that not everything
we wanted to portray actually happened in the film.

And easy or not, it’s a well known fact that J is the
hardest working dude in webcomics. He’s working on a
new strip that’s coming out in a few weeks — something
that can truthfully be said at any time. I’m a devout fan of
Y2CL, a comic about the misadventures of J and his friends
while drinking and jacking off, guest starring a one-armed,
coked-out rabbit and a pair of ninjas that have recently
become zombie ninjas. That’s right. Y2CL pwns your soul.

It was hard not to pick this Jingle All The Way comic as the
winner, because I think it’s every bit as hilarious as
Andrew’s first place strip. In the end, though, it came
down to one thing — I LIKED Terminator 3!!!

Anyway, congratulations on getting 2nd place!

It’s all lies, but thanks!

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