i have no legs

In case I didn’t post it already, above is the final drawing I gave to Nicole (from the party with rappers posts).

i dont really have anything to say. so ill just ramble, no one will read this anyway. today was an ok day, school went fine, im going to fail my math class, isnt that fun. i just havnt had the time to study for it at all this quarter, oh well, i could use the time to actualy learn in again next quarter. hopefully my sister will take it with me. english was ok, talked to the teacher and now she thinks im smart, wich is good, she thought i was a liar based on my first paper cause it was about me wearing lengeire to school and she didnt beleive me but i proved her wrong. she is envious of what i do for a living, so that might help or hurt on my final that is due tuesday, ha. made a new friend today, sasha, shes really cool, talked to her during break for like an hour and a half, good times, hopefully ill talk to her again. she likes my art, witch is good. got some y2christ character sketches done so i can start working on the comic. also inked page one of in me a million stars, just have to do the last two large circles and its done, then ill scan it and show it off.

by the way, its hot in here, so what do i do? thats right! take off all my clothes!

bye bye, ill be in aberdeen all day tomorrow and saturday. while im there i will be spending upwards to $6,000 on comics books. that will be fun, ill have to rent a u haul to get them all home. it will be worth it thought.

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