I got the proof for me book!!!

So as you can see from the picture to the left of this text I received the PROOF COPY OF MY BOOK!!! Holy shit this is AMAZING! The book looks even in my hands then I thought it would. I simply can not believe that I am finally putting out a book…not just talking about it…not just working on it, but HOLDING THE FUCKING THING IN MY HANDS! This makes the last three months of working on this, putting together every single page, retooling the 53 strips that appear in this book, creating over 40 pages of extra material to make it almost worth buying, makes all that and more seem kind of worth it.

I have no way of describing how it makes me feel to hold a copy of my book in front of me. My wife and I where going through it last night and man I couldn’t have been happier. Well, ok if my daughter was throwing a fit all night I would have been happier. It’s all pretty and glossy and…awesome! If you haven’t already you should go to the y2clcomic.com website and pre-order the book. For clarification for those reading this post ON the y2clcomic.com website, this blog also posts to livejournal and myspace.

In unrelated news, my collar in the picture is not popped to look cool, it’s because this damned jacket’s color will not stay down.

Also I have officially started work on “Y2CL Book Two’ which I am hoping to release around Christmas time. The cover to it will be similar to the cover to this book, where I pay homage to a golden age comic book cover with the y2cl characters. Book Two will feature a cover swipe of Detective Comics #27, I have it penciled, just need to paint it. Also, the next book will be quit a bit larger then this one and feature over double the amount of comic strips this one features, plus more bonus material. I am shooting for a 200 page book with the next volume.

For those keeping count, ZOMBIE 2 CHRIST will launch on June 11th here at y2cl. I have some AMAZING guest artists that are drawing up my weird and random story line. z2c is looking to be the greatest thing to ever happen to y2cl. I think people will look back at it in the future and say ‘you know, y2cl was good when it was z2c, now it’s just lame’ I’m ok with that.

Well, I’m out of here, I got some things to do. But seriously, go buy my book. NOW. This is not me asking you, this is me telling you.

Please? I’ll give you candy.

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