Conversations with Dylan 7

y2christ: 🙁
y2christ: id sell my SOUL for a bowl of cereal and we’re OUT OF MILK
y2christ: im considering suicide at this point
LTCOBismyBiatch: i have milk
LTCOBismyBiatch: and i would surly like your soul
y2christ: I DONT HAVE A SOUL
y2christ: OOO BURN
LTCOBismyBiatch: but you have a penis!
LTCOBismyBiatch: and ill take that
y2christ: we’re gay.
LTCOBismyBiatch: you know it
LTCOBismyBiatch: at least if we where gay we would get laid alot
y2christ: i dont know about that
y2christ: i havent had any gay guys hit on me
LTCOBismyBiatch: well, with each other
y2christ: ahhh of course
y2christ: but maybe we wouldnt like each other
LTCOBismyBiatch: BAH!
LTCOBismyBiatch: we would be gay! it wouldnt matter
y2christ: well if its that great we could just have gay sex anyway
LTCOBismyBiatch: this is a good point
LTCOBismyBiatch: lots of gay ass sex
LTCOBismyBiatch: then we dotn wash our cocks and put them in vaginas all ass blood and shit covered
y2christ: where would i find a vagina?
y2christ: besides my dog?
LTCOBismyBiatch: anywhere
LTCOBismyBiatch: like on a cat
y2christ: idratherdothedog.
LTCOBismyBiatch: there too
y2christ: haha
y2christ: man
y2christ: i need to send this to sam.
LTCOBismyBiatch: haha
LTCOBismyBiatch: she will like it

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