Homer Charles Part 3 – A turn of events, a bad phone call and a reassurance

Immediately as I clicked on the “publish” button for the last post I received a phone call from my sister. She told me that Grandpa had another episode and that I needed to leave and go to the hospital because they were taking him off all life support. I then called my mom to verify if this was the case before I left work, and sadly my mom confirmed that this was indeed the information passed onto them by Lila (my grandpa’s wife and sub-sequentially my step-grandma). I went to inform my boss, couldn’t find her and told Michael (co-worker) I was leaving and to please inform our boss. I also emailed her to let her know.

To make this post less depressing, me in a cat mask!

To make this post less depressing, me in a cat mask!

I left work, called my wife, and I raced to the hospital. Hit about Mach 2 on the freeway on my way there, would have been pulled over and received a speeding ticket but the cop couldn’t see me zoom by him.


“Mach 2 on the road? Isn’t Mach the speed of an object moving through air, or any other fluid substance, divided by the speed of sound as it is in that substance for its particular physical conditions, including those of temperature and pressure? And isn’t it commonly used to represent the speed of an object when it is traveling close to or above the speed of sound?”

“Why yes yes it is, and I never said on the ground. I was in my DeLorean, and as you well know we don’t need roads.”

If you think about it that way, the Mach 5 from Speed Racer is so stupidly (yes, stupidly) named.

My wife meets me at the Safeway in Bremerton so we can just carpool since she was on her way as well. I make a comment that I wanted to stop and get coffee on our way in. We did not.

We get there and start to assess the situation. I speak with my mom and aunt about what is going on. I’m in a dark sullen place because, oh you know, this shit is sad and is getting to me in ways I never thought it would. I put up a good front but I’m broken up like an Emo Kid on prom night.

A few visits to the hospital ago I was showing off Kaylie’s new laptop to my parents and my uncle, since then they have both bought versions of her laptop. Neither are as powerful since her Triple Core model is sold out, but decent dual-core models nonetheless. I occupied my time by installing some security software on my Uncle Doug’s machine and when I was all done I finally got the courage to go back and see Grandpa.

It was hard to go back there because of what I was told on the phone and going back to see him off all the medicine and off all the machines…I wasn’t sure I could handle it if I was in the room and his heart gave out. I was back there with my mom, my aunt Lynnie and my Uncle Johnny as he slept. His breathing sounded fine, and he looked good for an 86 year old man in the ICU. We where all there waiting for the doctor to have a talk with Lila and the 4 kids. This happened while I was back there and I had to leave.

Back to the waiting room to sit uncomfortably and wait to hear what news the doctor told them. We all expected it to be bad, since that is what our phonecall led us to believe. We sat there and talked about stuff, I didn’t pay too much attention. Then finally I saw my Uncle Johnny come out with his wife Cindy. Cindy came into our waiting room and started to tell us some of what happened and that things are not anywhere NEAR as bad as Lila had made them out to be.

My mom emerged and I got up to talk to her. I guess Lila was mistaken because the doctor is still very optimistic about Lefty, stating that he has been removed from all the machines and medicine because he no longer needs them. He is eating his own food now, talking and breathing on his own. They have the surgery planned for tomorrow morning and say he has a good chance of making it through.

So what started out as horrible news ended up being a miscommunication and all things are not bad on the Grandpa Lefty front.

Kaylie and I took the kids to go see him yesterday, and he is no longer in the ICU! He is up in his own room now and doing really well. The kids loved seeing him and as always he loved seeing the little ones. He was very tired and kept falling asleep while we were in the room, which I understand so no big deal.

So far this is good news! I will update again on this after his surgery! Wish him luck!

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