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2 thoughts on “hehe

  • devil_shat

    as stupid as it sounds, you might not be brushing your teeth the right way. they showed me some spots i always miss last time i was at the dentist. flossing would probably help your problem too. although i never floss, and never get cavities either.
    also, it stands to reason you get more cavaties now than when you were a child. they take time to develop, you know, your teeth decay over time. also, i dont think there's flouride in the water in washington, suckers. there was in indiana so my teeth got the benefit of that until i was 12.

    • The Revenge Post author

      possibly, they tell me i do a good job of getting the hard to reach spots jsut that some people have different strands of mouth bacteria that are more agressive and whatever. flossing makes me bleed like first time period but i probably should.