He-Man! Hot Dealers! Computers! OH MY!

It’s a good feeling to come back to work and know that the night shift is boring with out you. Not that it was actually said, but I could tell. I made Pat really happy because I brought him the first 3 DVDs of He-Man season 1 part one to watch. He did this little run around in circles dance, it was precious. Then he came to the desk and watched the first episode on my laptop all giddy like. Once Al found out that I had He-Man he then to wanted it, kids I swear. It’s good that I’m not the only one who likes old cartoons.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before here, but I have a lot of grey hair. If you look at my hair right now in the light so much of it comes through grey. At first glance, and in pictures, it just looks light brown, but if you take a closer look you realize a good portion of it is actually grey. I’ve been talking about dyeing it black and shaving off all my facial hair (goatee and sideburns) then seeing if anyone at work recognizes me. I’m sure they would, but since everyone already thinks I am 18 this would probably make them think I am actually like 16 or something. Besides losing my precious goatee and sideburns I think this would be really funny to do. Only real down side is I honestly HATE the way I look clean shaven. Thoughts?

So today they released out W-2 forms to us and on my way down there I took notice of a certain dealer I have never seen before. I can’t think of what her name was, but don’t you worry your pretty little head I will go back down there and find out. Oh and just so you don’t think that I might actually go talk to some one new, let me tell you that they wear name tags, so that’s how I will find out. Back to the point, she was captivating and beautiful. At least she was in the good 45 seconds I was looking at her to make sure she wouldn’t notice and say something. She was also talking with Dwayne the floor manager and I didn’t want to interrupt…that’s it.

What’s funny is now she’s gone home and I have completely lost interest. Oh well.

As many of you know I have three computer plus a laptop, so all together that makes four. Well one (my main computer) is working fine and so is the laptop. My expensive art computer works great only the power supply makes this annoying ‘clicking’ noise while its on and I can’t stand I so I have to turn it off. It’s not harmful to the computer at all, it is just really annoying and I don’t know if I can get it fixed or if I should just buy a new power supply. And my last computer which is my media comp I think is fried. I turned it on about a month ago and it made this whistle noise and it kind of smelled like an electrical fire. I have yet to pull it out of its little cubby hole to take it apart and see what might be wrong with it. There’s a 140gig hard drive as well as an 80 gig hard drive sitting in this computer, so I really don’t want it all to be fried. I do think I might be selling this computer off once I get it running again, since I really don’t want it anymore. I just would rather have a little cash for it and I don’t really see a purpose of having this many computers.

If I could sell it I would probably move my main comp to the media comp, my art comp to my main/art comp and then have my new laptop as my secondary desk computer. So if anyone wants to buy a decent AMD 1.4ghz machine with 764mg ram DVD ROM drive and possibly up to 200gig of hard drive space for like $250 let me know. It’s a good computer, once I find the problem which I am pretty sure is just a blown power supply.


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